Centerville Lower Level Project

To begin the New Year, Remodeling Designs will be starting a basement project in Centerville. The space has served many purposes in the 20 years that our client has lived in the house; most recently as a rehearsal/recording studio for their son. Now that he’s moved to San Diego to pursue his music career, our client is ready to take a fresh look at opening things up and making better use of the space.  Their goal is to convert it from a cluttered “basement” to a well-planned “lower level”. We’re really excited to see how our Project Manager, Chad, makes this transformation into something spectacular!

There are four main spaces in this basement that will be remodeled: the fireplace room, a storage room, a bedroom, and a full bathroom.  Throughout this project, I will take pictures of the rooms from the same angles in order to best depict the change taking place.  Before we can witness the change, we must view the “before” pictures.

This is the front and back view of the fireplace room.      

This is the view of the storage room.


This is the bedroom.


And last, but not least, the full bathroom.

Normally, we try to post about our projects once a week depending on the progress Chad is making.  This will allow you to see major changes and what’s going on in the four main areas.  Feel free to “subscribe” to our blog, to get notifications when new articles are posted.  Comments and questions are welcome and I’ll try to respond within 24 hours.  Thanks so much for following along!


2 thoughts on “Centerville Lower Level Project

  1. This is great Christina, so glad you started here and will post the progress. I especially like seeing the far corner of the fireplace room. If you look closely, do you see my sports & beer artifacts? I proudly displayed these 20 years ago, then over time they were hidden behind our accumulated stuff. No need to do that again !!

    • Oh thank you and I’m so glad we’re reporting on the progress as well! Let me know what Drew thinks and if he’s following along from California. Everyone accumulates stuff over time. Will you be proudly displaying the sports and beer artifacts again once the room is complete?

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