Springboro Kitchen – Project Complete

After a long Winter and Spring, this major kitchen project is finally complete. The bar has been built, backsplash tile has been installed and our clients couldn’t be happier!  What a huge transformation!


Here’s a look at the island from all angles.



The flooring and countertops are so rich and gorgeous.  These are just a few details that make this a stunning kitchen.


The powder room really turned out to be a showpiece as well.  The goal here was an elegant, furniture-like, vanity, with pizzazz coming from the countertop, wall color and mirror.


The bar is stunning.  That’s all I can say.  The columns are done in an Alder wood with a Truffle stain from Omega Cabinetry.  The backsplash tile pulls out the darkness from the truffle and lights up with the granite at the same time



Thank you to our Springboro clients for your business.  It was a pleasure working with and getting to know you. For more information about Remodeling Designs, Inc. and to see more projects like this, please visit our Web site at http://remodelingdesigns.com/.


Springboro Kitchen – Countertops

In Springboro, the kitchen countertops have been installed and uncovered enough to give you some photos!  Backsplash tile has also been installed in the kitchen area.  The bar backsplash tile has yet to be completed.

Almost immediately after countertops are installed, Randy will cover them up with cardboard to protect them while he continues to work.  I missed that window of opportunity when they were uncovered which is the reason for the blog delay.


As you can see the floor is still covered with cardboard as well to protect the gorgeous wood floor.  Cabinet doors and door end kits still need to be applied as well.


The bar area is coming along quite well.  Randy will need to finish building the valance which is in the Truffle finish.  Once that is in, he can apply the backsplash tile.

The granite our clients chose is absolutely stunning!  The color is called Solarius.  The pictures don’t do this stone justice.  The movement and depth to it is just amazing.


The granite and backsplash tile couldn’t blend any better.  The backsplash is Durango 3″ x 6″ Subway tile and goes beautifully with the shiny granite.  The texture differences really make this space pop.


The powder room is also coming along quite nicely.  The vanity and toilet have been installed and the walls have been painted.  This granite countertop is called Hurricane Gold.  The mirror will be one of the last things to go in this space.


This final step in this home are finish carpentry and the bar area.  Our clients are so excited for the space to finally be complete after a long process.  It won’t be long now until everything comes together!

Springboro Kitchen Project – Paint

Paint has been applied to the walls and ceiling and it is beautiful!  Beth and our client did an awesome job choosing this color.  You’ll have to excuse the mess; the hardwood floor installers have already moved in and started their setup.

Our Drywaller did an amazing job blending the texture on the walls and ceiling.  You can’t see where the new and old drywall joints met on either the ceiling or walls.  The patching around the fire place has visually disappeared.  


The drywall is flat in the majority of the kitchen and around the bar because it will be covered with cabinets and backsplash tile.


The hardwood floor installers have laid out each piece they’re going to use and in the direction it’s going to be installed.  The black paper you see underneath is put down first because you never want install a wood floor directly on top of wood floor joists.  It will cause the wood to rub when it expands and contracts and will squeak.


I did take one picture of the powder room.  It’s empty right now, but a vanity and toilet will be installed in the future.  The walls have been primed and the floor is prepped for hardwood.

Our clients are thrilled with the way drywall, plaster, and paint turned out and are really looking forward to the hardwood floor.  Check back next week to see how it turns out!