West Chester Kitchen/Office – Wall Cabinets

Brian has been very busy with painting, installing wall cabinets, and trim carpentry over the last week.  He still has one wall cabinet left to install to the left of the range hood.


Our client chose two different Omega Dynasty door styles for her kitchen.  The wall cabinets are called Wellington Arch, and the base cabinets are called Wellington square. The cabinets are an Alder wood with a Ginger stain.


The entire wall of pantry cabinets have been installed including the detailed crown molding. The open space is where the refrigerator will sit.  We normally extend the cabinet above the refrigerator out to make it flush with the appliance.  It’s a great place to store cookie sheets on end because all you have to grab is the front of the cookie sheet.


The other very noticeable difference you’ll see in this post is the doors and drawers have been installed.  The door-end kits have also been applied which really gives the cabinets a nice finished look.


Now that Brian has the hood installed, he can start laying out the backsplash tile by drawing it on the wall.  This helps our client get a good visual of what it will look like as well as help Brian center the design over the cooktop.  It’s very faint, but you can see the box Brian drew in pencil to signify where the center line is and where accent pieces will be placed.


The door and casing to the office has been installed and the plastic covering the living room has been removed.  Our clients’ are starting to get a feel for how the traffic with flow throughout the new rooms.


The next step in the journey for this kitchen/office will be countertop, more finished carpentry, and appliances!  The countertop our client chose is a really neat color.  I’m super excited to show everyone what that looks like!  Have a great Thanksgiving and check back in two weeks!

West Chester Kitchen/Office – Flooring and Base Cabinets

The West Chester kitchen and office project is coming along very nicely.  A lot has been accomplished since we last saw this room.  Although the floor has been covered up with cardboard, brand new wood has been installed underneath those cabinets.


The countertop measurement is a very important deadline that must be met in order for the project to be completed on time.  The countertop normally takes two weeks to fabricate after the measurement has been taken.  For Brian, that meant the base cabinets had to be installed as soon as possible.  The countertop measure actually took place just before these pictures were taken.


Brian will finish installing the finished panels on the cabinets during the finish carpentry phase.  The cardboard is a mock-up of what the actual size of the island countertop will be.  It helps to give our clients a visual of how traffic will flow.


As you can see, Brain has used shims against the wall to keep the cabinets level with each other.  This is extremely important for the countertop to fit correctly.  The microwave cabinet has also been unveiled.  There will be shelves in the upper compartment of the cabinet.  The microwave will be placed in the finished compartment.  A drawer will go underneath the microwave.  And lastly, more shelves will be inserted underneath the drawer.


Brian has finished off the doorway to the living room very nicely.  This door is not a cased opening to match the rest of the house.  The office doorway on the right is not finished yet because it will have a door installed to allow for privacy.  The picture on the right is where the range and hood will be installed.  Once the appliances are installed, the look of the space will change dramatically.

While Brain is waiting on the countertop, he’ll be installing wall cabinets, crown molding, and other finished trim work.  Countertop, backsplash tile, and appliances will be coming after that!  Stay tuned to see how the wall cabinets start to make this room look like a kitchen!