Wilmington Kitchen, Family Room & Laundry Room – Demolition

Brian is back again with another big project out in Wilmington, OH.  Our clients are doing major changes to their main floor kitchen, family room and laundry room to open the spaces up and update them.  Brian wasted no time in completing the demolition and rough framing for the project.  All of the appliances, cabinets, old island, trim work and flooring was removed.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

The main feature of the new kitchen will be the increased opening between the kitchen and new dining room.  Originally the opening was around 6 1/2 feet and will now be close to 9 1/4 feet.  The opening is on a load-bearing wall so Brian had to construct temporary walls as he opened it up to support the house.  With new studs and a brand new header in place, the wider opening looks great and will have a major impact on the project.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

The opposite side of the kitchen was currently where the family ate.  With the new design, the family room will now slide into that spot.  The TV will be installed in the new entertainment storage cabinets that will be on the far wall  Our clients are going to love this new area.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel DSCN0263

With three kids running around, there is plenty of laundry, school bags, clothes and miscellaneous items to go around.  In the laundry room, we are going to add an upper row of cabinets and a big wall base cabinet to help add storage in the laundry room.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

DSCN0261There is plenty of work ahead.  The next phases of the project will include installation of drywall, hardwood flooring and cabinets.  Stay tuned for more updates on this great project.


Washington Township – Project Complete

Scott has completed our Washington Township kitchen and it looks absolutely breathtaking.  The open layout has completely transformed the kitchen and turned it into our client’s new haven.  Just for a mind refresher, this is the original kitchen that led us to the completion below.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWashington Township Kitchen Remodel

Since our last update, the backsplash tile was installed, walls were painted, and the kitchen is completely stocked with our client’s kitchen items.

The backsplash tile really helps to bring everything together.  Our clients chose to mix up the backsplash with a dark black accent tile over the stove to contrast with the beige tiles elsewhere.  The black accent tile creates a focal point at the stove and adds a unique dimension to the kitchen.

Washington Township Kitchen Remodel

DSCN0204The java bar is all setup and ready to brew.  Our client’s loaded their collection of Starbucks mugs,  coffee maker and cookbooks and are ready to enjoy plenty of “cups of joe” in the future.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWashington Township Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is so warm, inviting and open with the removal of the walls.  Our clients will benefit from the great visibility for entertaining and keeping an eye on their children.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWe want to thank our Washington Township client for choosing Remodeling Designs to create this amazing new kitchen.  We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out.