RDI Proudly Receives Three Miami Valley CotY Remodeling Awards

Last night at the 2015 Miami Valley Contractor of the Year Awards, Remodeling Designs was graciously awarded three of the distinguished awards.  Hosted by the Miami Valley National Association of Remodeling Institute (NARI), we are thrilled with coming home with such great accolades.  The award categories included:

  • Residential Kitchen $75,000-$100,000

Kitchen Remodel Dayton, OH

  • Residential Bath $60,000 and Over

Bathroom Remodel Beavercreek, OH

  • Universal Design

Universal Design Bathroom Beavercreek, OH

The awards are a testament to the amazing team that we have from top to bottom.  More importantly, without our amazing clients, these projects wouldn’t be possible.

Wilmington Kitchen, Family Room & Laundry Room- Project Complete

Our kitchen, family room and laundry room project has come a very long way since we started remodeling.  The layout is completely different in the home and much more functional for our client.  To understand the progression of the remodel, read our demolition post to see where we started.

Brian did a great job of remodeling all the rooms and giving our client exactly what they wanted and more.  The rooms have all been moved into and personalized by our awesome client.  The kitchen has been opened up and makes such a drastic difference on the flow from the dining room, to the kitchen and into the family room.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Our client chose the elegant Cambria Quartz Lincolnshire countertop for their kitchen. The hues of tan and taupe blend seamlessly with the elegant white cabinets.  Additionally, our client chose some excellent black birdcage lights to hang over the island.  The lights really make a statement in the kitchen.DSCN0390

The backsplash and accent tile installed great in the kitchen.   Ivory colored tumbled travertine was installed on a diagonal for the backsplash main tile.  The accent tile has pecan and taupe colors to play off of the countertop.  Having the accent tile over the stove is an awesome focal point of the kitchen.

Wilmington Kitchen RemodelWilmington Kitchen Remodel

The TV and entertainment components are all ready to go for our client to enjoy the football season!  The bookshelves are filled with our client’s favorite items.  The family room is the warm and comfortable room for the family to relax in that they desired.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

The laundry room was finished with another shelf being added above the washer and dryer for added storage and convenience.  The new laundry room design is making our client’s life much easier.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Thank you to our Wilmington client for allowing us to do such a great project.  The results are amazing and we hope you enjoy your new home!

Newest Remodeling Designs Addition – Parker Lee Balsan

Baby Balsan has arrived!

We are so excited to announce the birth of our first son, Parker Lee Balsan. Born August 20th, 2013 at 9:00 am, weighing 7 lbs 3.7 oz and measuring 20″ in length. He’s a precious little guy, and we are absolutely head-over-heels in love.


Parker has already experienced the highs and lows of several medical challenges in his young life. He’s gone from being delivered by emergency C-section, to struggling for his life on a ventilator, having a feeding tube, pulmonary hypertension and sick lungs to a normal brain MRI, and a happy, healthy little baby! So much of his progress is due to the many people who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers. Tears of pain, disbelief and agony have turned to tears of joy and gratefulness. In so many ways, Parker is truly a gift from God.


West Chester Kitchen/Office – Demolition

Brian is back with a new kitchen project, ironically, in West Chester.  Our client had some unique needs that had to be met in order to make this a success.  We are not only remodeling a kitchen, but we’re also converting a rarely used dining room into a home office.   Our client is very involved with her career and a home office would serve a much better purpose.

Here is a look at the “Before” pictures as well as the pictures of the framing that has already taken place.  Brian has completed the demolition and framed a wall that ultimately made the existing dining room smaller and the kitchen larger.



In this view, I’m standing in the existing dining room looking into the formal living room.  We closed this opening to the living room and created a new one in the kitchen, which you’ll see in the pictures below.


In this view, you can see where the cabinets use to be because the wood floor was installed after the cabinets.  It also gives you a good idea of how far back Brian moved that wall.


Here is a look at how Brian accomplished all the framing.  The entrance into the living room has been moved from the dining room into the kitchen in order to give the new “office” privacy.  The pantry closet was removed and a header was installed for the door frame.  The living room entrance from the dining room has been framed in to create a solid wall.


The layout of this kitchen will dramatically change the flow of traffic and the way our client uses the kitchen.  We will be getting rid of the peninsula and adding an island.


The sink will not be changing locations.  Our client has chosen to replace it with a sink that will mount underneath the countertop.  What the undermount sink does is eliminate the lip that catches crumbs.



Our next step in this project will be finished drywall.  It will also be interesting to see how Brian feathers in the hardwood floor.  “Feathering” a wood floor means to mix the new plank with the old plank of floor so it doesn’t look like it was patched.  Stay tuned to see how this project transforms and starts to take shape!  To see more finished projects, visit us on our website at www.remodelingdesigns.com!

West Chester Kitchen – Project Complete

The West Chester project has been completed!  It has come a long way from the closed-in kitchen with an island.  The space is now properly lit and gives our client ample space to move around in the wheel chair.


The finish plumbing fixtures and appliances have been installed and all ties together very nicely in the brushed nickel finish.


The contemporary hood brings an updated feel to the room and compliments the GE Cafe` cook top nicely.  Beth and our clients worked as a team to come up with the creative backsplash tile design.  The tile really pulls out the color in the granite perfectly.

The television and speakers have been installed above the mantle.  Fireplace doors will be the very last item to be addressed.


The carpet, although a little tough to see in the pictures, is a heavy duty carpet that will accommodate the wheel chair and hold up under the wear and tear it will experience.


The hardwood flooring has finally been unveiled and looks spectacular with the cabinets and crown molding.

We’d like to thank our clients down in West Chester for allowing us the opportunity to remodel your kitchen and blog about the process.  You were wonderful people to work for and look forward to hearing how you enjoy the new space!

Beavercreek Master Bedroom/Bathroom Project – Complete

After a few last-minute plumbing fixtures issues, the Beavercreek project has been completed.  The lavatory sink spigots we originally chose didn’t allow enough space between the water stream and the back of the sink to be comfortable.  It was a lesson learned for us, so we replaced them with faucets that reached further out into the sink bowl.  We also wanted the Roman Tub spigot to match as well and that was the item that took the longest to get delivered.

So, here we are in their new, beautiful bathroom with a luxurious shower and tub.  Tile and grouting have been complete.  The grout we use is called Quartz Lock and it’s a polyurethane based grout, which means it’s a water-resistant product.  Another benefit is that it’s stain resistant as well.   That doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean it, but it is a great product that will stand the test of time.



Doors, drawers, mirrors and light fixtures have all been installed in the vanity area to really finish off that look.


The master bedroom built-in furniture is complete with all doors, drawers and hardware.  Talk about storage!  You can store everything from clothes, to shoes, to hats to whatever else your imagination can dream up.  The window seat is a great touch that also provides storage.


The master bedroom, hallway, and three other bedrooms throughout the upstairs have all received plush new carpet.  The carpet they chose is called Parabus Best Tigressa Berber Fleck in the color Pebble, and, from what the clients says, it hides everything.  Nobody wants to feel like they constantly have to clean, so this has been a wonderful addition to their entire second floor.

The hall bathroom was finished much quicker than the master bathroom and turned out very nicely.


Brian and his help did a wonderful job on this project and our client is very happy with the final results. If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to comment on any of the posts and I will respond within 24 hours.  I want to thank our clients for allowing me to report on the progress of their project.  Remodeling is a stressful process, but they were wonderful people to work with. Stay tuned to see other projects by Remodeling Designs!