Centerville Lower Level – Paint and Doors

The Centerville Lower Level is almost complete!  Paint is on the walls, doors and trim have been installed.  It won’t be long now until our clients can move back in to their lower level.


As you can see by the miter saw and nail gun, Chad is still finishing the baseboard and door casing.  Baseboard is installed before carpeting and about a half inch from the sub floor.  The reason for this is so the carpet installers have enough room to tuck the carpet underneath the baseboard.  The baseboard, along with the tack strip, helps to hold the carpet in place.


The doors our clients chose are all nice 6-panel, solid core, stable doors.  The only doors that are not 6-panel are the doors to the storage/utility room and the laundry room.  These rooms need good air circulation and the louvered doors allows that to happen.


The bathroom vanity is something Chad is still working on as well.  The countertop, vanity doors, and faucet still have yet to be installed.  He ran into a bit of a problem because the faucet we helped our clients chose was too tall for the mirror/medicine cabinet to operate.  He couldn’t move the medicine cabinet up because then it would get in the way of the light fixture.  Chad came up with a couple of ideas to solve the problem, so we’ll check back in next week to see how he worked it out.

The carpeting is scheduled to be installed next week.  By that time, Chad will have the trim work and bathroom complete.  The shower door will be installed by then as well.  The shower door is measured after the shower base is put in place.  This is the only way they can get an accurate fit.  It takes several weeks for shower doors to be manufactured and is usually one of the last things to be installed in a bathroom this size.


The next time you see this lower level, Chad will have the space finished and ready for our clients to use.  The transformation is almost complete!


Centerville Lower Level – Drywall

After the installation of drywall, this lower level is really starting to take shape.  We’re now able to visualize what a fantastic space this will be!  Recessed can lights have been installed, the floors have been cleaned of all the drywall dust, and paint is ready to be applied!

The storage room has been framed, drywalled, and doors are ready to be installed.  Anyone needing access to the water heater and furnace will have optimum space.          

The fireplace room has been cleaned up and the walls have been skimmed.  The term “skimming” means applying a very thin layer of drywall mud to any imperfections in the wall or where drywall sheets have been taped together and screwed to the wall.  This is done to make absolutely sure the wall is flat and prepped for paint.  Chad also skimmed the areas where the chair rail was removed.


The hallway to the laundry room, bedroom, and bathroom has been completed as well.  Chad framed in the doorway to the washer and dryer which is ready for a new door.  The new doorway into the bathroom is ready and will provide much easier access now that the traffic pattern doesn’t force you to enter through the bedroom.


The bathroom is now ready for flooring, vanity, toilet, and plumbing fixtures.


The electric panel has been upgraded with Arc Fault Protection, a much safer panel for our homeowners.


The column and stairs are also ready for finishing touches.


The next step for this project will be to paint throughout the entire lower level.  Then the electrical work will be completed, including the installation of energy-efficient LED light kits.  Chad will also be installing all of the doors and trim, and working on the bathroom.  Carpet will be the last item to be installed.  Check back soon to see the color our clients chose for the walls!  They are very excited to see things taking shape!

Centerville Lower Level – Framing and Electric

The project here in Centerville is moving along pretty well.  Chad has finished framing the storage room, hallway, and new bathroom door.  Now that the walls have properly spaced studs, he’s ready for drywall starting this week.

In the storage room, Chad framed a wall to create a smaller storage room with access to the water heater, furnace etc., if they ever need to be replaced.  This opens up the rest of the room as a sewing/craft space, or play area for the grandkids.


The fireplace room feels much more spacious and open with the removal of the hallway wall and lower stairwell wall.  The pole you’re seeing that’s wrapped in foam is a plumbing stack.  It will be buried in a column Chad has framed (see the third picture below).


This shows the new wall framed for the hallway/laundry room door and the new door to the bathroom.

The shower insert has been installed.  The lip around the outside of the stall is where the drywall will overlap to finish off the edge shower.  Chad also custom framed a space for a new medicine cabinet.

The client wanted to remove the wall enclosing the stairs to visually open up the entrance to the lower level.  A banister was necessary for safety, so instead of removing the whole wall, we removed half of it to create a knee wall.  It will still make the lower level feel more inviting and spacious coming down the stairs.


The last major change that took place last week was the rough electric.  Our client’s existing electric panel was a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panel.  Federal Pacific Electric panels were common from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, but later discovered they failed to provide protection from overcurrent and short circuits.  The breakers can fail to trip which results in outside power surging to the panel, overheating, and fire hazards.


Another problem with the FPE panels is that Arc Fault Circuit interrupters (AFCI) don’t fit in that particular design.  An Arc Fault Circuit interrupter is designed to detect non-working electrical arcs and prevent fires by disconnecting the power.  When our client learned these two points, they elected to have the entire panel replaced.  It will be a much safer product for their entire home. 

To bring the rest of the house up to electric code, we

As I stated, the next big milestone in this project is drywall.  There is a lot of drywall to be done, but this lower level will look like a whole new place when it’s done!

Centerville Lower Level Project – Finish Demolition

Chad has completed the demolition and is moving right into framing.  The fireplace room has been gutted, the ceiling torn down and the flooring removed.  Framing material for the storage room has been placed in here to allow space to build a new wall.


After the storage room was demolished, Chad discovered that one of the walls did not have proper framing to hold the drywall sufficiently.  Although the existing wall is not structural, the framing was measured at 48″ on center.  This means there is 48″ from the center of each 2″ x 4″ to the 2″ x 4″ next to it.  To do the right thing, meet building codes and support the amount of drywall we’re putting up, Chad will frame the new wall at 16″ on center.  He will build the entire wall on the ground first, then lift it up to stand on-end and put it in place.  You can see he’s started to build the wall in the picture below.


The door location to the bathroom has moved for more convenient access from the hallway.  A small storage area on the right-hand side has been removed to accommodate that new door.

The full bathroom has been gutted and the rough plumbing is taking place.  Plumbing fixtures aren’t moving locations, but valves and pipes need to be replaced.

Chad will also be constructing a new wall and door to enclose the storage space beneath the stairs.  The other wall that will be newly framed is the wall between the hallway and the laundry room area.  Chad had to remove the wall because it wasn’t constructed properly and in order to hang drywall, it needed to be rebuilt.


Chad will be tackling the rough electric and finishing up the framing this week.  Drywall will be the next major task on his list.  Check back to see how and where the walls were framed and how the bathroom is coming along!

Centerville Lower Level Project

To begin the New Year, Remodeling Designs will be starting a basement project in Centerville. The space has served many purposes in the 20 years that our client has lived in the house; most recently as a rehearsal/recording studio for their son. Now that he’s moved to San Diego to pursue his music career, our client is ready to take a fresh look at opening things up and making better use of the space.  Their goal is to convert it from a cluttered “basement” to a well-planned “lower level”. We’re really excited to see how our Project Manager, Chad, makes this transformation into something spectacular!

There are four main spaces in this basement that will be remodeled: the fireplace room, a storage room, a bedroom, and a full bathroom.  Throughout this project, I will take pictures of the rooms from the same angles in order to best depict the change taking place.  Before we can witness the change, we must view the “before” pictures.

This is the front and back view of the fireplace room.      

This is the view of the storage room.


This is the bedroom.


And last, but not least, the full bathroom.

Normally, we try to post about our projects once a week depending on the progress Chad is making.  This will allow you to see major changes and what’s going on in the four main areas.  Feel free to “subscribe” to our blog, to get notifications when new articles are posted.  Comments and questions are welcome and I’ll try to respond within 24 hours.  Thanks so much for following along!