Working in the Dayton Miami Valley Community to Make a Difference

Remodeling Designs is proud to work with so many community organizations that promote a better Dayton & Miami Valley area.  We are very honored to be working with such organizations as Centerville Noon Optimist, Centerville Rotary Club, Miami Valley NARI, Centerville Baseball League and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Southwest Ohio.

We work year-round with these organizations but this summer we had an opportunity to be a part of two great events.  The first was with the “No Payne No Gain” Ride to Benefit JDRF SW Ohio in June.  The inaugural cycling event was a huge success with riders dedicating many hours of training to ride the 35-mile, 70-mile and 105 mile courses.    The event supported the JDRF SW Ohio group to help raise funds to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes/Juvenile Diabetes.  Remodeling Designs sponsored the event and employees Christine & Mark Balsan volunteered their time helping with registration, merchandise, water stations and food for the cyclists.

No Payne No Gain JDRF SW OhioWorking towards a cure for Juvenile Diabetes & Type 1 is a passion for Remodeling Designs.  Juvenile Diabetes strikes children and young adults on a daily basis, making them insulin dependent for life and is always a threat to their health.  We hope that a cure can be found one day in the near future.

Remodeling Designs was also involved as a Five Star sponsor for Centerville Noon Optimist’s Tom Frazier Memorial Tee Off for Youth.  The 22nd Annual Golf outing was held in July and benefits the Dayton Children’s Medical Center’s hematology/oncology departments, Noon Optimist International Childhood Cancer Campaign & the Centerville Noon Optimist Club.  The event had 125 golfers participate in a scramble round of golf. Children from the Dayton Children’s Medical Center also came out in the morning before the scramble so that they could learn about golf and instructions on how to play.

Tee Off for Youth Centerville Noon OptimistWe are so proud to be involved with these events and all the organizations we work hand and hand with every year.  We are dedicated to making the Dayton Miami Valley better and love seeing great events and organizations help to give back to the community.


Wilmington Kitchen, Family Room & Laundry Room- Project Complete

Our kitchen, family room and laundry room project has come a very long way since we started remodeling.  The layout is completely different in the home and much more functional for our client.  To understand the progression of the remodel, read our demolition post to see where we started.

Brian did a great job of remodeling all the rooms and giving our client exactly what they wanted and more.  The rooms have all been moved into and personalized by our awesome client.  The kitchen has been opened up and makes such a drastic difference on the flow from the dining room, to the kitchen and into the family room.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Our client chose the elegant Cambria Quartz Lincolnshire countertop for their kitchen. The hues of tan and taupe blend seamlessly with the elegant white cabinets.  Additionally, our client chose some excellent black birdcage lights to hang over the island.  The lights really make a statement in the kitchen.DSCN0390

The backsplash and accent tile installed great in the kitchen.   Ivory colored tumbled travertine was installed on a diagonal for the backsplash main tile.  The accent tile has pecan and taupe colors to play off of the countertop.  Having the accent tile over the stove is an awesome focal point of the kitchen.

Wilmington Kitchen RemodelWilmington Kitchen Remodel

The TV and entertainment components are all ready to go for our client to enjoy the football season!  The bookshelves are filled with our client’s favorite items.  The family room is the warm and comfortable room for the family to relax in that they desired.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

The laundry room was finished with another shelf being added above the washer and dryer for added storage and convenience.  The new laundry room design is making our client’s life much easier.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Thank you to our Wilmington client for allowing us to do such a great project.  The results are amazing and we hope you enjoy your new home!

Newest Remodeling Designs Addition – Parker Lee Balsan

Baby Balsan has arrived!

We are so excited to announce the birth of our first son, Parker Lee Balsan. Born August 20th, 2013 at 9:00 am, weighing 7 lbs 3.7 oz and measuring 20″ in length. He’s a precious little guy, and we are absolutely head-over-heels in love.


Parker has already experienced the highs and lows of several medical challenges in his young life. He’s gone from being delivered by emergency C-section, to struggling for his life on a ventilator, having a feeding tube, pulmonary hypertension and sick lungs to a normal brain MRI, and a happy, healthy little baby! So much of his progress is due to the many people who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers. Tears of pain, disbelief and agony have turned to tears of joy and gratefulness. In so many ways, Parker is truly a gift from God.


Wilmington Kitchen, Family Room & Laundry Room – Cabinet Installation

Our Wilmington kitchen, family room and laundry room project has turned the corner with the cabinets installed and a fresh, new beige paint color on the walls.  You can really start to see the transformation of the spaces and how drastically different these rooms are now going to function.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Our clients chose the Omega Dynasty Wyatt style cabinets constructed of maple wood and pearl pewter glaze finish.  A classic, neutral, beige paint color combined with the elegant white cabinets, the kitchen and family room are completely brightened up.

Wilmington Kitchen RemodelWilmington Kitchen Remodel

The laundry room cabinets are set and look amazing.  They give our clients plenty of organization with a whole upper row of cabinets and a big, wide base cabinet next to the washer and dryer.  Everything is easy to reach and functional.  We will also be installing a shelf right above the washer and dryer for additional convenience and storage.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Brian also completed the ducting and installation of the range hood in the kitchen.   The range hood has an Omega hood cabinet to stylishly match the rest of the kitchen.  Brian ran the ducting up and out of the side of the house.  Our clients will love the range hood taking steam, smoke, fumes, and grease right out of the kitchen and pulling it outside.  Previously, the microwave was located over the range and recirculated the air blowing it right back into our client’s face.

Wilmington Kitchen RemodelWilmington Kitchen RemodelThe family room is coming together.  Our client could hardly stand it when Brian finished installing the cabinets and countertop.  He started moving in his TV and components immediately after we snapped some pictures.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Brian will be working on installing the crown moulding around the family room and kitchen. He also has the cabinet hardware and backsplash tile coming up next.  Keep checking back for more updates on this great remodeling project!

Wilmington Kitchen, Family Room & Laundry Room – Demolition

Brian is back again with another big project out in Wilmington, OH.  Our clients are doing major changes to their main floor kitchen, family room and laundry room to open the spaces up and update them.  Brian wasted no time in completing the demolition and rough framing for the project.  All of the appliances, cabinets, old island, trim work and flooring was removed.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

The main feature of the new kitchen will be the increased opening between the kitchen and new dining room.  Originally the opening was around 6 1/2 feet and will now be close to 9 1/4 feet.  The opening is on a load-bearing wall so Brian had to construct temporary walls as he opened it up to support the house.  With new studs and a brand new header in place, the wider opening looks great and will have a major impact on the project.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

The opposite side of the kitchen was currently where the family ate.  With the new design, the family room will now slide into that spot.  The TV will be installed in the new entertainment storage cabinets that will be on the far wall  Our clients are going to love this new area.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel DSCN0263

With three kids running around, there is plenty of laundry, school bags, clothes and miscellaneous items to go around.  In the laundry room, we are going to add an upper row of cabinets and a big wall base cabinet to help add storage in the laundry room.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

DSCN0261There is plenty of work ahead.  The next phases of the project will include installation of drywall, hardwood flooring and cabinets.  Stay tuned for more updates on this great project.

Washington Township – Project Complete

Scott has completed our Washington Township kitchen and it looks absolutely breathtaking.  The open layout has completely transformed the kitchen and turned it into our client’s new haven.  Just for a mind refresher, this is the original kitchen that led us to the completion below.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWashington Township Kitchen Remodel

Since our last update, the backsplash tile was installed, walls were painted, and the kitchen is completely stocked with our client’s kitchen items.

The backsplash tile really helps to bring everything together.  Our clients chose to mix up the backsplash with a dark black accent tile over the stove to contrast with the beige tiles elsewhere.  The black accent tile creates a focal point at the stove and adds a unique dimension to the kitchen.

Washington Township Kitchen Remodel

DSCN0204The java bar is all setup and ready to brew.  Our client’s loaded their collection of Starbucks mugs,  coffee maker and cookbooks and are ready to enjoy plenty of “cups of joe” in the future.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWashington Township Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is so warm, inviting and open with the removal of the walls.  Our clients will benefit from the great visibility for entertaining and keeping an eye on their children.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWe want to thank our Washington Township client for choosing Remodeling Designs to create this amazing new kitchen.  We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out.

Springfield Kitchen – Project Complete

Our beautiful Springfield Kitchen project is complete and looking better than ever.  Brian did an amazing job of pulling in all of the elements together to complete the look of this kitchen.  The transformation is astonishing and has completely changed the way our client will utilize his kitchen from now on.

Springfield Kitchen RemodelSpringfield Kitchen RemodelOur client chose the Black Galaxy granite top to make a statement.  The popular granite color is black with flecks  of gold and is perfect for this kitchen.  The countertop is finished with a pencil edge.  The dark granite contrasts well with the Quarter Sawn Oak wood cabinets.

Springfield Kitchen RemodelSpringfield Kitchen Remodel

For the backsplash, we installed Florida Tile Pietra Art Natural Stone Tumbled Travertine 3″x6″, color Picasso.  The changes in beige tones of the backsplash play off the darkness of the countertop and cabinets wonderfully.

The Artisan stainless steel double bowl undermount sink looks great paired with the Kohler Vinnata faucet with vibrant stainless finish and the stainless steel appliances.

Springfield Kitchen Remodel

Springfield Kitchen Remodel

A minor but important detail is the new soffit lighting Brian installed for our client.  Previously, the lighting in the soffits were all individual light bulbs with close to 45 total bulbs.  We installed new LED track lighting for the soffits to offer more consistent, better lighting and our client will enjoy not climbing up there and replacing individual light bulbs when they go out.

Springfield Kitchen RemodelWe want to thank our Springfield client for choosing us to do this project.  Remodeling the kitchen was such a great experience and we are thrilled with the final product.