Visit us at the Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo Jan. 17-19

Remodeling Designs, Inc will be at the Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo this weekend January 17-19 at the Sharonville Convention Center.

Hours for the show are Friday 12pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 10:30am-5pm.  You can find us at Booth 120 & 121 (pictured below). If you’d like FREE tickets, email Christine at

Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo

We look forward to seeing new faces and past clients to discuss your upcoming remodeling projects.


Washington Township – Project Complete

Scott has completed our Washington Township kitchen and it looks absolutely breathtaking.  The open layout has completely transformed the kitchen and turned it into our client’s new haven.  Just for a mind refresher, this is the original kitchen that led us to the completion below.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWashington Township Kitchen Remodel

Since our last update, the backsplash tile was installed, walls were painted, and the kitchen is completely stocked with our client’s kitchen items.

The backsplash tile really helps to bring everything together.  Our clients chose to mix up the backsplash with a dark black accent tile over the stove to contrast with the beige tiles elsewhere.  The black accent tile creates a focal point at the stove and adds a unique dimension to the kitchen.

Washington Township Kitchen Remodel

DSCN0204The java bar is all setup and ready to brew.  Our client’s loaded their collection of Starbucks mugs,  coffee maker and cookbooks and are ready to enjoy plenty of “cups of joe” in the future.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWashington Township Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is so warm, inviting and open with the removal of the walls.  Our clients will benefit from the great visibility for entertaining and keeping an eye on their children.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWe want to thank our Washington Township client for choosing Remodeling Designs to create this amazing new kitchen.  We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out.

Washington Township Kitchen Demolition

Scott is in Washington Township with a kitchen remodeling project that has just begun.  Our clients loves to bake and cook, and have two young children to watch after.  We needed to design a kitchen that was more open and functional for them.  By opening up the room, adding counter space and more efficient cabinets, our clients will thoroughly enjoy their new kitchen.

IMG_1869Washington Township Kitchen Remodel


The original pass-through over the sink gave them some visibility to the family room but not a complete view.  To give them great visibility and an open design to the family room, it made sense to take down the wall to the left of the sink.  You can see the progression of the wall being taken down in pictures above and below.

Washington Township Kitchen Remodel

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelIn addition to the removal of the wall, we removed the dropped ceiling and fluorescent lighting.  The additional height of the ceiling will continue to open up the kitchen and make it feel more inviting.  We also added recessed cans to greatly improve the lighting.

Washington Township Kitchen

Washington Township Kitchen Remodel

Another change to the flow of their kitchen will be the new coffee bar.  Our clients are huge java lovers and wanted an area for their coffee supplies and an area to display the Starbucks coffee mugs they collect.  The coffee bar is being constructed by opening the wall in the eat-in kitchen area and converting the closet that was existing in the laundry room.  The closet has been emptied and framed to now be a nook to open into the kitchen.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWashington Township Kitchen Remodel

Scott’s next big steps of the project will be finishing the drywall, painting the walls and setting the cabinets. There is plenty of work ahead and more blog updates to come!  Check back for more on this great kitchen!

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Top 11 Elements to Expect When Remodeling

The prospect of remodeling your living space for the first time can cause quite a bit of concern over what all occurs with remodeling.  From the unknown length of time the project will take to how much it will cost to complete, feeling uneasy is completely normal.

The way to ease those fears is by becoming educated on what to expect when a remodeling project is going to happen.  During our sales process, we will guide you through every aspect you will experience when deciding to remodel your space so you can understand how the project will go from start to finish.  Enjoy the list of the top 11 elements you can expect to experience if you consider to remodel.

Kitchen Remodel

  1. Dust:  Unfortunately, when remodeling a space, dust is created and a thin layer can accumulate in the areas being worked on.  We take every precaution possible to contain the dust to the best of our ability.  New products such as Zip Wall, a dust barrier system, have helped to limit the amount of dust created in your home when remodeling.  We also suggest covering supply registers and return airs as well as shutting off the furnace if the weather permits, to minimize the spread of dust. 
  2. Noise:  The pounding of hammers, the roaring of saws and other power tools working hard is a common mix of noises you can expect to endure if you’re at home when remodeling.  Whether you are trying to take a nap or working from home, noise will be constant.
  3. Emotional Highs:  Each job brings exciting and uplifting moments for you as a homeowner.  As progress is made on the remodel, you’ll get super excited as milestones are hit.  Whether you’ve been waiting to see that wood paneling come out, brand new granite countertop to go in or the project complete as a whole, you get to enjoy some high high’s.
  4. Emotional Lows:  Along with the extreme highlights you will also have some low emotional moments.  Drywall sanding is the dirtiest and dustiest part of the project and may seem like a lull in the project.  Moving back into your newly remodeled space will be well worth the fatigue of the remodeling process.
    Bathroom Remodel
  5. The Unexpected:  The unexpected is always lurking when remodeling. Without x-ray vision, we are unable to see what lies beneath the existing project.  When demolition occurs and the project moves ahead, our project managers are going to discover something that wasn’t expected.  Electrical wiring may be make-shifted, mold may be present,  funky plumbing and other obstacles will cause hindrances to the project.  Be ready for something to arise that wasn’t calculated for your time and budget and you will be prepared to handle it when it does occur.
  6. Change Orders:  Change orders are when new or changed work is documented.  Typically change orders occur when the client elects to add new or changed work to occur while the project is being remodeled.
  7. Financial Concerns:  Even with projects moving ahead right in line with your budget, you may have some hesitation that something may come up.  If a change order occurs, you may have additional anxiety towards the remodeling process.  A safe bet to alleviate your stress before anything may arise is to save an additional 5% over the contract price.Kitchen Remodel
  8. Delays:  We try to be as upfront with you as possible when creating our production calendar of how your project will be completed on a day-to-day basis. We give each client a calendar so they have a visual schedule of the project progression from start to finish. We recognize our project managers may move faster in some processes where delays may happen in others.  Storms may limit work, vehicles may not work correctly and the countertop may take an additional week than expected.  We will keep you informed on any changes to the schedules.  Rest assured when we start your project, we will continue to work on it daily until it is finished.  If we tell you your project it will take four weeks to complete, it will not take four months.  
  9. Decisions:  When you decide to remodel, it’s because you are ready to transform the look of your room.  With so many different styles and materials, it can be quite overwhelming to think of how you are going to choose what your new space will look like.  That’s where our design team comes into play to help guide you through all the material selections.  We have a full showroom to show you many options and our designer will help funnel the best options based on your tastes and space to create the perfect room.
  10. Outliers:  Towards the end of the project, be prepared that the last 1-2 items to be finalized may take longer than expected.  Everything might be finished in a bathroom remodel except the installation of the shower door.  Just keep in mind it is important to get the final details done correctly.  Your project will still be completed in time and you will soon get to enjoy your new space!Kitchen Bar
  11. Party:  What better way to enjoy and show off your newly remodeled project than throwing a party?  Throwing a party for your friends and family is exciting and makes the whole remodeling process worth it.

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