Springfield Kitchen Remodel – Demolition

Brian is back with a kitchen project out in Springfield.  Our client was looking to update his home that was built in 1927.  Changing the layout of the kitchen, along with new appliances will completely transform how they utilize their kitchen.

Brian has completed demolition by removing the old cabinets, countertops, and appliances.  Brian has also completed the drywall phase.  Enjoy the before and after photos below.  The wall shown below will be completely revamped and redesigned.  You will now see cabinets where the refrigerator was, the microwave will move, the cook top will be centered and a new range hood will be installed. The new arrangement will give our client counter space on the right and left sides of the cook top which will allow for room to prep meals.

Springfield Kitchen RemodelSpringfield Kitchen RemodelThe new location of the refrigerator will now move to the far side of the kitchen along with a new double oven. Our client upgraded from a single oven setup.  The refrigerator will be on the left side of the wall and the double oven on the right with a nice countertop landing space in between them.  Moving the fridge and double ovens as well as adding tall cabinetry will provide a better traffic pattern and make space more functional.Springfield Kitchen Remodel    Springfield Kitchen Remodel        

The wall opposite of the cooktop and microwave will get a new dishwasher, garbage disposal, sink, and faucet but stay in their existing locations.Springfield Kitchen Remodel    Springfield Kitchen Remodel



A brand new pantry cabinet will also be installed in its original location.  Our client’s original pantry shelving was old, worn down, and not very functional.  The new cabinet will have adjustable shelving and structural integrity to allow for great storage.

Springfield Kitchen Remodel    Springfield Kitchen Remodel

Brian is busy working on setting the cabinets in the kitchen.  We will have pictures next week so make sure to come back to see the kitchen progressing!


Washington Township Kitchen Demolition

Scott is in Washington Township with a kitchen remodeling project that has just begun.  Our clients loves to bake and cook, and have two young children to watch after.  We needed to design a kitchen that was more open and functional for them.  By opening up the room, adding counter space and more efficient cabinets, our clients will thoroughly enjoy their new kitchen.

IMG_1869Washington Township Kitchen Remodel


The original pass-through over the sink gave them some visibility to the family room but not a complete view.  To give them great visibility and an open design to the family room, it made sense to take down the wall to the left of the sink.  You can see the progression of the wall being taken down in pictures above and below.

Washington Township Kitchen Remodel

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelIn addition to the removal of the wall, we removed the dropped ceiling and fluorescent lighting.  The additional height of the ceiling will continue to open up the kitchen and make it feel more inviting.  We also added recessed cans to greatly improve the lighting.

Washington Township Kitchen

Washington Township Kitchen Remodel

Another change to the flow of their kitchen will be the new coffee bar.  Our clients are huge java lovers and wanted an area for their coffee supplies and an area to display the Starbucks coffee mugs they collect.  The coffee bar is being constructed by opening the wall in the eat-in kitchen area and converting the closet that was existing in the laundry room.  The closet has been emptied and framed to now be a nook to open into the kitchen.

Washington Township Kitchen RemodelWashington Township Kitchen Remodel

Scott’s next big steps of the project will be finishing the drywall, painting the walls and setting the cabinets. There is plenty of work ahead and more blog updates to come!  Check back for more on this great kitchen!

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