Wilmington Kitchen, Family Room & Laundry Room – Cabinet Installation

Our Wilmington kitchen, family room and laundry room project has turned the corner with the cabinets installed and a fresh, new beige paint color on the walls.  You can really start to see the transformation of the spaces and how drastically different these rooms are now going to function.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Our clients chose the Omega Dynasty Wyatt style cabinets constructed of maple wood and pearl pewter glaze finish.  A classic, neutral, beige paint color combined with the elegant white cabinets, the kitchen and family room are completely brightened up.

Wilmington Kitchen RemodelWilmington Kitchen Remodel

The laundry room cabinets are set and look amazing.  They give our clients plenty of organization with a whole upper row of cabinets and a big, wide base cabinet next to the washer and dryer.  Everything is easy to reach and functional.  We will also be installing a shelf right above the washer and dryer for additional convenience and storage.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Brian also completed the ducting and installation of the range hood in the kitchen.   The range hood has an Omega hood cabinet to stylishly match the rest of the kitchen.  Brian ran the ducting up and out of the side of the house.  Our clients will love the range hood taking steam, smoke, fumes, and grease right out of the kitchen and pulling it outside.  Previously, the microwave was located over the range and recirculated the air blowing it right back into our client’s face.

Wilmington Kitchen RemodelWilmington Kitchen RemodelThe family room is coming together.  Our client could hardly stand it when Brian finished installing the cabinets and countertop.  He started moving in his TV and components immediately after we snapped some pictures.

Wilmington Kitchen Remodel

Brian will be working on installing the crown moulding around the family room and kitchen. He also has the cabinet hardware and backsplash tile coming up next.  Keep checking back for more updates on this great remodeling project!


Springfield Kitchen – Cabinet Install

The cabinets are all set on Brian’s Springfield kitchen remodeling project.  Our client chose to go with Omega Dynasty Plymouth door style for his cabinets in Quarter Sawn Oak with a Sable stain.  Cabinet doors and hardware haven’t been installed yet.

Now you can get a better visualization on the new layout of the kitchen.  The refrigerator will slide in underneath the left upper wall cabinet. The double oven will be installed in the middle of the tall, right cabinet.  Above the double ovens is a nice sized cabinet for storage.

Springfield Kitchen RemodelThe new main cooking area is also coming together nicely.  The left, upper cabinet has an open spot where the microwave will be mounted.  In between the left and right upper cabinets is where the new range hood will be installed.  The cook top will be dropped in the center base cabinet.

Springfield Kitchen Remodel

The base and upper cabinets have been installed on the sink wall.  You’ll notice the upper, right cabinet was designed to be shorter to allow for more head clearance over the sink.

Springfield Kitchen RemodelThe wall shown below is the wall opposite the refrigerator.  It’s a perfect area for extra shelf storage.  Our client thoroughly enjoys wine, so we created a wine rack cabinet on the right side for a clean display of bottles.

Springfield Kitchen Remodel

Brian is busy finishing putting all of the doors and hardware on the cabinets as well as the trim carpentry work.  We will check back with him soon with more pictures and how the final cabinets are looking!

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