Beavercreek Master Bathroom/Bedroom, Hall Bath and Upstairs Project – Cabinets and Countertops

Cabinets and the beautiful granite countertops have been installed in both the master bathroom and hall bathroom.  Now we can really start to see these two rooms taking shape.  Finish details are still yet to be completed, but cabinets and countertops make such a huge difference.

Take a look at the tile detail around the dub deck.  It’s not finished yet and still needs grout, but you can start to see the accent tile take form.  Brian uses spacers and pieces of cardboard to make sure the tile doesn’t sag and keeps a level line.  After the tile around the tub deck is finished, the tub will be installed.


Cabinet doors and drawers are one of the last items to be installed on a project like this. Finish plumbing also still has to be done and having the cabinets opens like this helps Brian to connect the pipes from the wall to the sink and faucet.

The Medura Gold granite color in the master bathroom is the same gorgeous color the client chose for their kitchen.  These close up shots give you an idea of the movement in this particular granite, but a picture just doesn’t do the product justice.

The hall bathroom granite is called Beige and has a biscuit color sink bowl.  It blends beautifully with the tile.  Brian is hoping to have the hall bath completely finished and functional for our clients so they can use it while the master is getting the finishing touches.


Next week, we’ll have more detail on the finish plumbing and electrical fixtures.  Also, don’t forget about the new carpet to be installed as well as the built-in cabinets in the master bedroom.  This project still has a ways to go, but will be gorgeous when it’s done!


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